How to Purchase Extravagant Graces

Direct from the Author

Order Autographed Copies Direct From the Author

If you order direct from Jeanette, your keepsake hardback or paperback can be autographed by her for no additional charge! Your order will be shipped within a few days (depending on her traveling schedule).

You can also save money if you buy more than one book. Remember, Extravagant Graces makes a wonderful, life-changing gift for the loved ones in your life!

Purchase from Jeanette
WestBow Press

Purchase from the Publisher

WestBow Press, a division of Thomas Nelson, is the publisher of Extravagant Graces. You can order books directly from them via their website or by phone (1-866-928-1240).

Purchase from Westbow Press

Purchase Online

Purchase from Amazon
Barnes and Noble Purchase from Barnes and Noble
Local Bookstores

Local Bookstores

Several Christian bookstore chains and many local bookstores are carrying Extravagant Graces. If yours is not, ask them to order it for you and suggest they carry it!

(If they ask for an "ISBN" number, which is how books are uniquely identified worldwide, tell them 978-1-4908-2978-4 if you're wanting the hardback, or 978-1-4908-2976-0 for the softback.)


Buy the Ebook

The ebook edition of Extravagant Graces is not quite ready yet, but will be very soon. When it is you'll be able to purchase it directly from WestBow Press, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Apple's iBookstore.