Jeanette Chaffee's Press Kit

If you are a bookstore owner, work in the media, or are a representative of a venue where Jeanette will be speaking, here you'll find the high-resolution artwork and photographs which you can use for publicity and marketing.

Key Contents

  • Various high quality photos of Jeanette in landscape, portrait, distant, and close-up.
  • High-resolution photographs of her book, Extravagant Graces, in hardback, softback, and ebook.
  • PDF artwork of posters and flyers which you can print and distribute to publicize Jeanette's book tour or speaking event.


Jeanette Chaffee retains the full copyright for all press kit materials. You only have permission to use these files in association with publicity and marketing for her book and speaking events.

Jeanette Chaffee Press Kit (100MB .zip file)
Downloading the Press Kit means you're agreeing to only use the contents in association with marketing and publicity of Jeanette's book and personal appearances.