Hardback Book

Jeanette's Experience with Terrorism

Jeanette was on a plane just 14 feet from where a bomb went off mid-flight... learn her story and how she was inspired to write this book.

23 Inspiring Stories of Facing Impossible Odds

Learn about the struggles of missionaries, musicians, athletes, and world-renowned speakers. Some of those featured in Extravagant Graces include: missionary Don Richardson, NFL player Donnie Dee, martyr Nate Saint, author Elisabeth Elliot, evangelist Billy Graham and his daughter, Dr. Francis Schaeffer, Shirley Dobson, concert pianist Dino, and many others.

Exclusive: Hear from Family Members

Only in Extravagant Graces will you read what family members have to say about their famous relatives.

Reaction to Extravagant Graces